Saturday, August 2, 2014

On people hearing about your book who are not related to you

Of course I knew that my family would read my book.  I mean, they did when I was like, seven, and writing these really lame stories about being away at summer camp or something that I never actually did.  They mostly revolved around pranks and unsophisticated crayon drawings of girls with too-big heads and noses that always faced to the right. (Clearly, I was never cut out to illustrate books).  Reading my work was probably a lot like torture, but my parents, especially, were always really encouraging about my writing.  :)

Anyway, lately, a lot has been going on - some really cool things that I CAN'T TALK ABOUT and some that I can.  Like that AFTER HOURS has been showing up ON THE INTERNET.  I mean, people are actually talking about it!  People who aren't my family and friends.  People who NEVER MET ME.  How weird is that?

It's really exciting. But it's also extremely intimidating.  People are actually looking forward to reading something THAT I WROTE.  This is all really scary, because as with any book, there are going to be people that love it (um, let's hope) but no matter what, there are going to be people who don't like it, too, which might reduce me to weeping while eating box of stale chocolates during old Freddie Prinze Jr. movies.  (Just kidding. About the chocolate. I don't eat chocolate.  But I am still down for Freddie Prinze Jr. movies.)

Anyway, it's on blogs, a few people have pinned it on Pinterest, and it's even on GoodReads, which is the scariest review site EVER (according to my author friends) but it's also where I can stalk people as they read it and catch updates as they love it and/or make fun of it mercilessly.  Let's hope for the former.

Other fun news:  I got to see my cover comp yesterday, and I'm really excited about it.  The AFTER HOURS cover will be glossy, but some parts of the cover - like parts of the door, the dollar bill, and the title - will be matte, which just creates a really unique look (and feel) to the book.

That's all the news I can share (for now)!  I hope you're enjoying the blog!  Feel free to comment or ask us questions - we love hearing from people!

Have a great Saturday! :)

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