Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Survey Madness: Mandy Edition

So Lexi and I decided to do these random, middle-school type surveys as a getting-you-know you activity!  Of course we answered with sincerity - or maybe, just an awful lot of snark!

1. Something you're scared of: life without yoga pants, whatever is in the bottom of my gym bag, giant asteroids, the air conditioner from The Brave Little Toaster

2. What you are currently listening to? I am currently obsessed with Lennon and Maisy, the two little girls on Nashville. And obviously I listen to live concerts starring Lexi Larsen when she's singing too loudly in the shower or her car or whatever.

3.  Someone you strongly dislike: Whoever invented Crocs. Why would you make something so comfortable so ugly?

4. Favorite movie(s): Gladiator wins it all. I mean, it's probably the most quotable movie of my life. Also, the swordfighting is legit, and who doesn't secretly wish they could sword fight? Um, sign me up for the fencing class, please.

5. Favorite TV show(s): The Mindy Project. Mindy Kaling is my long lost sister, only not really.

6. Celebrity crush: Hmmmm. I have a serious soft spot for Daniel Craig – but ONLY as James Bond, okay?

7. Favorite band(s): Hello, Lexi Larsen? Who else am I going to say? Plus she's sitting RIGHT. BESIDE. ME. Look away, Lexi. Look away. (Joking, guys! Lexi is the bomb!)

8. Are you single? Ain't no ring on this finger.

9. Your age: Old enough to know better, but young enough not to care

10. Favorite color: RED. All the way, RED.

11. Eye color: Who knows? My cousin once described my eye color as dirty ocean water. That's pretty accurate if you want to be real, but it doesn't fit on a driver's license.

12. Last book you read: FAKING NORMAL by Courtney Stevens. Good read!

13. Dream vacation: Oooh, this is a tough one. I'm going to totally cop out and say a world tour with someone I care a lot about.

14. Do you currently have feelings for someone? Geez, getting a little personal, aren't we, survey writer?

15. Turn offs? Overly personal questions. Also, lack of respect and when people respond to text messages with the letter k.

16. Turn ons? Really, survey writer? Yeah, no. Not gonna answer that.

17. Favorite scent That delicious, new book smell. Or old book smell. Just not the delicious, new Kindle/e-reader of choice smell.

18. What's makes a perfect day? Life and the people you love. Also, chocolates and fresh air.

19. You're house is on fire, all of your pets and loved ones are safe, what are the 3 things you save? My laptop, the Bible my grandmother got me in eighth grade, and a bear from my parents.

20. Does everyone deserve a second chance?
That depends on whether or not you're Hitler.

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