Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Survey Says- Lexi Edition

Hello friends… Here we go this is going to be fun! 

1. Something you're scared of
         Massive Heights. I am only 5’2” so I feel a safer close to the ground!

2. What you are currently listening to?
         Well, ALWAYS country but my trainer introduced me to The Rudimentals…I can dig something new every once and a while!

3. Someone you strongly dislike
         I really don’t like bullies! Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you!

4. Favorite movie(s)
         Sweet Home Alabama and anything with a Disney Princess! I strongly believe I will be or was a one in another life! Ah ah ah haha haaaaaa (that is me singing like Snow White) 

5. Favorite TV show(s)
         FRIENDS and I LOVE that it is on Nick @ Night! Oh and Friday Night Lights, it should have went on forever!

6. Celebrity crush
         ahhhh Ben Affleck forever and ever amen!

7. Favorite band(s)
         The Eagles, Little Big Town, SHANIA TWAIN, GEORGE STRAIT, Jewel, Garth Brooks, Eric Church, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Fleetwood Mac, A Thousand Horses, Dirty River Boys, Josh Abbott Band, Stoney Larue…. You can’t ask a musician this question….

8. Are you single?
         UMMMMM… Til You’ve Loved A Cowboy

9. Your age
          A lady never tells, but I can buy wine and gamble J

10. Favorite color
         PINK—I am a Mary Kay Kid J

11. Eye color
         Chocolate…that is fancier than just brown J

12. Last book you read
         Amanda K. Morgan’s and it rocked!! I can’t wait till you all get to read it too!

13. Dream vacation (where, who with, what would you do)
         The beach with my closest friends and cousins but I would need enough time to spend with each one of them…Quality time is my love language

14. Do you currently have feelings for someone? Once again…Til You’ve Loved a Cowboy

15. Turn offs?
         Unnecessary Rudeness and talking bad about your family or even worse, your mother! Yes I went on a date with one and needless to say I left early and never returned a text after!

16. Turn ons?
         (What Mandy Said)

17. Favorite scent
         Gasoline, puppies and babies!

18. What's makes a perfect day?
         Waking up drinking a cup of tea and talking to God. Then doing something you love whatever it is! (Even if that means watch Netflix all day…hey, to each their own!)

19. Your house is on fire; all of your pets and loved ones are safe, what are the 3 things you save?
         My special box full of notes, and pictures that I’ve saved since I was 10 and my in-ears monitors (they cost a fortune, I am not losing them)

20. Does everyone deserve a second chance?
         I will have to say a prayer about that one tonight! I would like to think yes but then I think no…stay tuned folks!

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